Best Coffee Makers

OXO - Best Coffee MakerCoffee making is an art. Hence I really don’t have the notion that every machine or every person can brew a soothing, fragrant and rich tasting cup of coffee. Being a connoisseur I have tasted some of the best coffees from across the world. Having used some of the most expensive coffee machines and drunken hundreds of cups, I find myself in a right position to have an opinion about the best coffee maker. OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker is the best coffee maker as far as my opinion is concerned. You can read the customer reviews, the market reviews, and the expert opinions. You will not find any conflicts in my statement. The Edge also awarded the OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker an Editor’s Choice award so there’s little doubt that OXO has the best coffee maker on the planet so far.

Bonavita coffee makerThe machine is a high-end model which is easy to use and makes better tasting coffee than the other competitive models in the market. Preparing 1-litre pot in less than 7-minutes, the OXO ON-9 cup coffee maker is the best machine you can purchase and use for your daily coffee. The machine is easy to use and clean. The price is around $180 which can fluctuate as per the market and manufacturer policies. The machine is an epitome of the perfect combination of good coffee and good features. Though the BV 1900TS coffee maker from Bonavita is also the runner-up for the place of the best coffee makers, the ease of using makes the OXO ON 9-cup coffee maker better. The coffee brewed by both of them are kind of same in the taste, but as a connoisseur, I feel that the OXO brew is better. There is something in the rich aroma of the coffee and the smoothness of the coffee that makes the machine the best.

Usability VS Coffee:

If you just wish to have a good cup of coffee irrespective of the cleaning and ease of usability, then, you can go for the Bonavita 1900TS model. But if you are looking for a highly efficient machine that uses least elbow effort for cleaning and least effort in brewing the coffee, then the OXO model should be your pick. I tend to get impatient when I have to deal with less efficient things, hence, OXO ON 9-cup coffee maker is my personal favorite.

Coffee prepared with the Bonavita 1900TS model is tasty, has a proper balance of the flavors, can achieve an ideal quantity of ‘total dissolved solids’ and can be prepared in less than 6 minutes (1 liter). The main downer in this model is the carafe which is clunky and drippy and has the worst thermal retention. The open cone filter is not attached to the machine which means that coffee making can get messy. You cannot use the machine to pour only one cup of coffee. These features which are downers in the Bonavita model are available in almost all the cheap models (leave alone the high-end models).

OXO ON 9-cup coffee maker, however, makes the brewing easy with the help of its wide, 5-port shower head. It disperses water evenly throughout the coffee basket. The machine comes with an automatic pre-infusion mode and has good temperature stability. The pre-infusion allows the carbon dioxide to escape before the actual extraction can begin, ensures that the coffee is wetted evenly so as to ensure that the extraction is done properly. This is the major reason that the coffee prepared with the OXO model tastes the best.

Though you may find an approximate taste of the coffee prepared by some other coffee machines, you will not be able to find a proper combination of the perfect features and perfect coffee anywhere else.